A Sample Page

This website has been set up to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the theme I use on a WordPress format. The options are almost endless, if you can think of it I can probably do it. Some of these capabilities are demonstrated in these pages.

  • Tooltips – Several different styles, sample1,
  • Random Variable Header images – like on this page
  • Login or Register Box – Does not show if user is logged in. Useful for controlling access.
  • Restricted Content – require login and an account to access these pages
  • Variable content sidebars – change from page to page or remain the same
  • Translator –  Many languages, I have selected 20, 71 more are available
  • Columns – You can have page in multiple columns
  • Photo Gallery – Many options available for displaying your pictures
  • Video Gallery – ebed Youtube or your own videos in a gallery display
  • Contact Form – Format to your liking
  • Social Sharing, print and e-mail Buttons – more available
  • Countdown to event timer
  • Maps and locators
  • Event Calendars
  • – these are automatic, i.e. they update themselves on a daily basis

The content section, i.e. the container that holds all of this text can be sized to your liking, either across the whole page or to some percentage. The pages in this website are sized at 80% width. They are all fully responsive, which means that they resize themselves and look good no matter what size viewer the user has, from a very large desktop to a cell phone.

The image across the top is called a header. You can choose not to have an image if you want. The header can vary page to page, or it can be the same throughout the website or for a group of pages. It can also be programmed to randomly vary every time the page is viewed.  This page has a random header. Refresh the page to see how it works.

The rest of this stuff is lorem ipsum fake text so you can see what the page would look like. Don’t try to interpret it, it’s just gibberish.

This is called a block quote
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This is a demonstration of a different tool tip plugin

Friendly Native

Friendly Native

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is simply an Internet technology standard that allows websites to receive updates to web-based content of interest. They run by themselves, pulling news stories from the source and displaying them, newest on top. Older stories get moved down the list and eventually drop off when the limit is reached. For this website, I have set a limit of 15.